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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Three Time!

It's an "On the Fly" edition this morning--no time yesterday or this morning to do any sort of deep thought or induce any cleverness into the process, so here's you a slapdash, thrown-together-at-the-last-moment set of questions, guaranteed to be neither entertaining nor insightful!
Everyone is free to play along, of course, although you might not want to. But go ahead anyway just to stay in practice.
1) What is the last product you recommended to a friend?

In my case, I think the last thing I recommended to a friend wasn't a product but a service; guitar lessons, in this case, to my friend and fellow blogger, Carol. She was looking for a new opportunity for aggravation and so I invited her to join me for group guitar lessons. We did attend last Thursday and since its Thursday again, there's another lesson tonight. I'm afraid I might have steered Carol wrong with this particular music teacher and group though since I wasn't too impressed by the first episode. This instructor teaches kids almost exclusively, and her music room is cramped and overflowing with stands and instruments and sheet music. The chairs are too close together, there's no place for coats or cases and it is generally a mess. One of the kids belongs to the instructor so he knows a little more than the others and he can't be shut up from showing off his knowledge of everything in the room. Another (really) youngster sat there with his guitar on his lap, a blank look on his face and not so much as a single clue why his mother had dragged him into this house. Based upon appearances, there must be a LDS Sunday School merit badge for learning guitar at an early age. I wasn't too impressed with the first lesson but I'm paid up through February so unless it becomes too painful, I'll keep going.
2) What is your favorite section of the grocery store?

The fresh produce section is my favorite section, for the bright colors and textures of the selections. Like Terry, we don't carry home too many of those exotic veggies but they are pretty to look at. I also enjoy reading the information pages about the different fruits and veggies that are available. The base commisary where we shop has an automated cooling spray system that announces its pending wetness with recorded thunder sounds and lightning flashes of stobe lights. It’s a little unnerving the first time it happens, if you aren't aware. Now its just entertaining. I'm pretty certain they should implement recorded animal sounds above the various meat sections as well, just for fun.
3) Joe Biden--lunatic, or idiot?

Yes. Of course here at WE there is another name I apply to people like Joe, its Dumbass!

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